Burnish the darkness and beat ZESA’s intense load-shedding with our simple and effective backup system. It is made up of a 12V batter and an Inverter/Charger. You can charge up the battery when power returns at night and use the Invertor during the day to power your devices. Our Lite Backup System is made up of the following:

  • 12V 100AH Gel Battery
  • 12V 500W Inverter with charging system
  • Four port adapter so you can plugin multiple devices


The system is highly mobile and you do not need to set up anything. This means that if there is no power in your hood due to a fault ou can just get the battery charged at a friend/relative’s house. You can also charge the battery using a generator or your own solar panel (not included). The system is foolproof, even a toddler can set it up.

What can you power with this system?

  • Laptop and WiFi for the whole day
  • LED TV 10 hours
  • Decoder and TV 7 hours (you will not miss the remaining world cup matches)
  • Lights (whole day if you want)


  • Up to 2 business days.
  • Free Delivery in Harare, for other towns please get in touch with us first.
  • WhatsApp +263719157333