There is a document that has been circulating on social media for days which allegedly shows that the Zimbabwe Republic Police in Southerton is appealing for stationary donations. While the document has gotten tongues wagging on social media with some lamenting the very real budget constraints affecting Zimbabwe’s police service there has been no official word from the government yet on whether the document is genuine or fake.

Below is an image of the documentary:

The document purporting to be from Sotherton Police

These days thanks to improvements in technology it is very hard to tell whether a document or picture of a document is fake or not. Recently there was a document that purported to be from the British government to the government of Zimbabwe which turned out to be nothing but an elaborate hoax. Several publications were even fooled into believing the document was real. While the above document might appear real, there is a good chance it is also fake. There is also a good chance that the document is real as it does not appear to have obvious indicators of it being false.

Real or not the document highlights some of the challenges being faced by Zimbabwean government departments. Most departments have been operating under severe budget constraints and have had to become creative in order to sometimes raise the money they need to fund operations. This includes holding fun fairs, holding other fundraising events and appealing for donations as this document appears to do. This is despite the fact that Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube likes to pretend that all government departments have all they need.

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