Recently the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) revealed the fact that they had overseen the distribution of just over US$150 during the first two months of the year. The money went to about 2 720 beneficiaries who participate in the main and SME auctions. The distribution was split as follows:

  • 826 main auction beneficiaries received US$120 143 752 during the month of February
  • 1 897 SME auction beneficiaries received US$28 565 721

Payments totalling $US1.1 billion were also made. This includes other payments not related to the auction and almost certainly relating to transactions that happened outside this period. They just reflect foreign currency-related payments made by and in Zimbabweans during this period

  1. foreign currency accounts: US$925 999 087
  2. the Foreign Exchange Auction Allotments: US$218 351 521
  3. the interbank market: US$16 521 504)

Foreign currency payments during the first two months were as follows:

MonthForeign Currency Account(FCA)Interbank Market PaymentsForeign Currency Auction AllotmentsTotal